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RIPPLE PRODUCTIONS will present The BRAINERD MISSION PROJECT'S Concert Version of OUR STORY in NOVEMBER 2019 Thursday 7th, 7 PM at FOUNDER'S HALL on the Commons in Collegedale, TN. Members of the Original Cast will be returning and will be under the Musical Direction of Composer Dr. Jim Burns and the Dramatic Direction of Writer D. Daisy Pratt. In 2015 ACT I "Sunset at Chickamauga" was presented to the Brainerd/Midtown Community and in 2017, the Three Act Original Musical Drama, THE TRAIL WAS A CIRCLE was presented in full to standing ovations. This Historic Bicentennial Production  used music, film and drama to allow theatergoers to step back in time to Chattanooga in the early 1800’s. It told the courageous Story of a small group of Teachers at a unique Mission Trade School, planned in Turkey Town, AL. and located midtown in Chattanooga next to the Chickamauga Cherokee Village. Risking everything, these Educators stood for human dignity and civil rights against the gathering storms of the Indian Removal Act. Called “Chattanooga’s finest hour”, their heroic, almost unknown Story, serves as a shining example of what is the very best in the American Heart.

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The Old Cherokee Mission School in Brainerd was opened for the education and service to all people Red, Black and White. This remarkable School soon became the scene of one of America’s greatest stories of courage, unity and civil rights. The location of the School placed it dead center in the political firestorm that lead to the tragic Trail of Tears. American icons like Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, Chiefs John Ross and Pathkiller, Sam Houston, Sequoyah, Samuel Worcester, Daniel Butrick, Elizur Butler and Others all became part of this incredible unfolding Drama in Midtown Chattanooga.

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With future productions you can continue help us tell the inspiring Story of these courageous Educators that risked all by being beaten, chained and imprisoned for truth and justice. Incredibly and largely unknown to History, some of them actually packed up their wives and children and joined their Cherokee Friends on the brutal Trail of Tears, faithfully recording every detail of that horrific and shameful moment in American History. .Please go to our Fundraising Page for more Photos and upcoming Production information. Thank you!