How Donations Help

With no outside funding and a largely volunteer force they have created an exciting, historically researched script. A filmed Opening was donated by an independent film company, Baron Studios and the original Musical Score was created by a distinguished retired Musician and Professor Dr. Jim Burns of Lee University.  Many Thanks to Major Donors Dr. Brian & Erika Johnson and Mr. Greg A. Vital.  Please join them in their generosity with a tax deductible donation in any amount will help us stage this worthy Production with the quality it deserves.  Corporate and Major Sponsors will share billing on all publicity. "Thank you from the Brainerd Mission Project Team.”


Who's Behind the Project

This Historical Project was launched by retired Educators and Librarians with the start up help of a local theatre group called Ripple Productions and the historic Trail of Tears site, the Audubon Society of Chattanooga. They have also been joined by others in surrounding communities who share their passion for this Story and it’s right to be added to the pages of American History. But we can't do it alone! In order to continue telling this wonderful story in future productions, we need funding and that's where you come in! Our November 2019 Concert needs your support. Please consider donating or  volunteering for The Brainerd Mission Project. Thank You!


Want to Donate

Please consider donating. Make out tax deductible Check or Money Order to THE BRAINERD MISSION PROJECT and mail to: The Brainerd Mission Project P.O.Box 1696 Collegedale, Tennessee 37315  or email